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Originally Posted by Ron B. View Post
This is where Van's suggestion to tape over the non dimpled holes really comes into play. Look over the drawings really well and tape over the holes that you are to skip before you start working the material.
I think the plans could use a little tweaking on this one as they say in the note on the page:

"NOTE: Tape over holes that do not receive rivets at this time to avoid accidentally dimpling or riveting these hole locations. See Figures 1 and 2 for locations."

in Fig 1 & 2 they point out in the drawing every where to leave open. Except they do not point at the top holes to not dimple or to leave open. So those didn't get tapped. Only the second squeeze did I stop and start to question why to dimple those so I stopped.

So warning to other builders tape the top four holes as well as the ones marked "LEAVE OPEN."
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