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Default Help with 1st tire change please

I want to flip my tires because the outsides are treadless at this point. Can I get some instruction on how to go about it?

I presume I will use my new axle jack to lift the wheel after removing the pants.

I am guessing the brake is on the inboard side of the wheel, on its own disk, separate from the wheel (but I might be wrong).

Take off the castle nut (should be loosened on the ground first).

Pull the wheel and deflate.

I planned to use a large screwdriver to pop the tire over the rim lip and work my way around. Repeat for the other wall.

Flip the tire and reverse the process.

Is there anything I am missing, any trouble spots, any grease or maintenance that needs doing, some critical torque spec on the castle nut?

Thanks!! Andy
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