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Originally Posted by humptybump View Post
Bill, for your water slide, did you cut out individual areas or is that entire panel a single water slide ?
I did a little bit of both, Glen. I think the image is of individuals but my memory is not clear on that. I did this part twice.

When I drew the panel, I drew the text in position. For the decal sheet that I sent to Stein, I copied all the text AND the switch hole circles with centerline marks into an 8.5 by 11 inch rectangle. The hole marks greatly simplified positioning the decals.

Early on, I tried to slide one big decal but it was a bit unweildy. Wrinkles were a pain. I wound up going down to a size of 3 or 4 switches at once. It was manageable for me and it kinda matched the switch groupings on my panel.

Gil is right on. Maybe his comment is why I like this font. I did plenty of lettering the old way before CAD. My dad built the audio panel for our '65 Mooney from scratch and used a drafting set to letter the face with india ink. It was beautiful. He was a real craftsman.
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