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Default January Progress

It has been slow going with work and the cold. I have been less than motivated to heat the garage and get anything done. But Jim F. came by a couple weekends ago and got me to get back to work. Thanks Jim.

The big accomplishment was finishing the pitot boom. Since I am using dual AOA I opted to not install the stall warning system so had to rivet closed those holes on the left wing. I decided against removing the fuel tank and after a few frustrating hours trying to blindly work the leading edge through the small access panel, I broke out the laptop and USB webcam to see inside the wing and find my way - a poor man's bore scope but it worked like a champ.

It was necessary to have the skin on to keep the rib straight prior to positioning/drilling the pitot mount support angle. The "bore scope" came in handy yet again.

After slowly trimming the opening in the skin, the pitot boom mount and control unit for the heat were installed.

Other odds and ends this month included the FCP Throttle Quadrant and the tail light/rudder fiberglass bottom.

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