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Default Life on the cheap...

Originally Posted by Don View Post
I figure we turned 15 hours of driving (assuming no delays) into 5 hours of very enjoyable flying. By my calculations, the total trip cost about $50 more in fuel than driving and the time savings was more than worth that little bit of extra.
Great post Don. I look at things a little differently. The way I see it you purchased 10 hours of life. It cost you $50. People think we are crazy "spending all this money on airplanes", and you just purchased an extra 10 hours of life with your granddaughter. One day on our death bed we can all look back an think of the time we got on the cheap with family and friends. $50 for an extra 10 hours with my 19 month old baby? I'll give 50 million. Take those trips every chance you get and tell us about every one of them!
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