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On that particular flight we had an RV-7 from Essex MD, a Chicom CJ-6 from Ocean City MD, an RV-8 from Heritage Field PA, and an RV-8 from Easton MD. We met up at Cecil County (58M) for briefing. Generally we have 6 to 8 active guys in the region that show up at various times. Most in RVs. Often we meet up at Westminster (DMW) MD. Sometimes at Smoketown (S37) or Easton (ESN). Just depends on who is going to attend and how far they have to fly. We normally have at least enough for a flight of four. Sometimes only two. Think the most we had this year was six in the air due to schedules. Locally I occasionally fly with a T-34.

Normally we spend about an hour practicing, then grab lunch somewhere, then maybe another hour if we have time, or at minimum, fly out as a flight before breaking off for home. If you are within striking distance and have an interest, let me know.

I am always looking for others who can fly various local parades or funerals. But even if you have no interest in those, it would be good to have more RVs in the area joining us.
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