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Overnight in Allendale. It's a version of Moriarty South Carolina style.

In the morning I inspected left main tire. It looks like again I have to keep that tank empty and land on one wheel...

Then a genleman of age came in looking at the plane.

-RV? Wrong tail number,- he said.
-Some digits not right. I knew one guy with these digits and he crashed.
I tried to pitch him my letter containment theory he didn't buy.

You know who that gentleman was? The very first instructor who taught Pierre Smith to fly. The original Smiling Jack. The guy they wrote articles about. The patriot to his bones. Personal friend of Mr Powers and You Too pilot himself. True gentleman.

-Take my Jeep and go get something to eat. Need money?
-No thanks I need some air.
-OK come to my hangar I'll give you a tank. You need some tyre Boi!
-I know.

I drove his Jeep to town full of Hardees got food and pumped double portion of air. The only thing I couldn't understand. Why Smiling Jack was talking about tail number on a perfect RV but then himself jumped into a strange yellow machine full of chemicals and diesel fuel and flew over treetops in a way I would never dare. The man in his 70ies. They made them tough in last century

That very day I was at my home field. Next day I did required maintenance and headed to Florida to burn two more loads of pre planned fuel.

BTW, Pierre, I didn't know know you built at least ten RVs?
Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.
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