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Default That's 29 Palms

Great stuff Vlad.
In your Picture of the 29 Palms airport, that trailer has not changed much in 35 years. I can recall Bill Brown, a WWII veteran, who towed gliders in a Super Cub.
He was a cowboy pilot, where, at the end of the day, he would sit dwon near that trailer and break out his guitar, it was country western time...
Many a party was held on that ramp.

To the right of the trailer in your that picture is a cabin that was built by Noel Roberts. He was like a brother to my father.

I have memory images of your final approach picture of so many many times.
In the early 70's, my father and Noel had all of great names of glider pilots coming to the 29 palms soaring events.
We would come here via C-170 just as much via a car. I grew up in this desert. I learned to drive a old Buick here. I soloed in a glider here. On the hills to the south is where my fathers ashes where spread. I had Noel in the back seat while I was flying the front of the Citabria.
This is a time when a Narco MK-12A was new technology! But we had Elmer Katinski who invented his own Radio...
Nothing sad, all great times and wonderful memories...

Brad Ransom
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