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Originally Posted by novipilot View Post
You should have landed at Katama Airpark, 1B2. Three grass runways, couple of bi-planes there giving sightseeing rides, sometimes mock fighting, always a good show. GREAT restaurant right by the end of one of the runways, so much so that the locals always pack it, at least during the season, as some of the locals aren't there full time. And in the summer, you can taxi to the south end parking and enjoy a dip in the ocean.

Rich Katama is a great place indeed and I've been there couple times. First time Captain John brought me there.

We enjoyed local restaurant and met good people. Silly me I didn't recognize elaborate Italian scheme that day Captain John took this picture which later showed up in Sport Aviation Magazine')#pg116 I was just out of Phase One.

Then he (yes Captain John) demanded his royalties in camels. I had to fly to Nova Scotia, Canada to find them (thanks RonB). I told Customs they are pets

Katama is great place to visit.
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