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Default Reload this Page Over yonder and back - my 1st xc - part 2

After Grants, NM, I headed up to Blanding, UT to fill up with cheap ($4.95) gas. I then flew through Monument Valley then made my way NW towards Zion National Park. About this time, things are getting a bit bumpy due to heating.

Departing Blanding to the SW, there's this "wave of rock".


Overflying the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. Off the wing tip, in the distance, I'm starting to see some convective activity. Eventually, this will be the direction I'll be heading towards (ie Las Vegas). On this trip, I made it a habit to tune 122.0 and 121.5 on COM2, an SL40, and enable monitor function. About now I started paying more attention to FlightWatch and the flight is still a bit bumpy.


This is perhaps my favorite picture from the entire trip. I believe this to be a portion of Zion National Park. I'm now heading toward Las Vegas and the convective activity is starting to increase and small isolated showers are starting to form. I'm still monitoring FlightWatch and it's not sounding very promising.

- to be continued -
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