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Jeff set me with discounted fuel through his connections and I left.

Flight back home was super duper easy. I have to install some extra goodies on the panel to troubleshoot something on longer legs It gets boring, especially if you are familiar with landscape.

Be warned if you fly directly over here

or here

you get caught and end up in one of those gulags they are close.

I am unpainted so it's really tough to see me if I stick in to the cloud bottom WW2 style.

Jokes aside I was at proper altitude and distance you never know who may read this

Wind mills are my favorites. Everywhere I go I look at them. I have to remember this place to check later.

A bit short of four hours I landed at my home base at Princeton, NJ. Around my row of hangars I found five (!) U-Haul trucks dropped by customers. One of them effectively blocked the entrance to my hangar. FBO came to rescue and placed my tired RV in communal hangar. Somehow I extracted my MINI from the hangar and two hours later was home. Keep pounding those rivets!
Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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