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Default Around the Corner

Not as colorful as Gary's and not as scientific as Paul's, my short trip around Appallachian Corner was right on the money. A lot of fun was had.

A personal day coupled with two days off was enough time to visit cousin in VA, famous Triple Tree FlyIn in SC, a boat gathering in TN and new wannabe in KY.

Ride to VA was a bit longer then planned.

Atlantic City, now closed Bader field. My younger cousin works 6 miles from here at big place where they have fast giants killer jets and all kinds of radars. I sneaked unnoticed.

After Atlantic City weather gods were not in good mood. I stopped at Wildwood WWD, reassesed the situation, then trolled along and around the front staying far from Red Circle and Forbidden Squares.

In VA skies were nice and rosey. Don Alexander met me at Hanover Airport and we spent several hours flying around. Visited Louisa and Bob Martin, Shenandoah Valley and Blackstone Joint civilian/military base. Topped off the day at a cozy Mexican restaurant with Don and his lovely wife Mary.

Day was great and sleep was deep.
Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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