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Default Reno 2012 Day 9

The Sports Bronze Class Race was run early today we positioned Race #43 in the
number two spot in the Racing grid on the ramp. When all was said and done it
was a heck of a race between Bob Mills and his RV-Super 6 and the Radial Rocket
of Peter Malone from Sikeston, Missouri for 2nd place and Tim Cone in his RV-8

and David Casey in his RV-3 for 6th place. Bob and Tim won those races that
weren't on the program but they were oh so close. In the four races our team of
Tommy (Turbo) Ishii Crew Chief, Brian Adams & Bob Axsom Crew and Bob Mills
Pilot/owner/dedicated worker kept trying to reduce drag anyway we could with wax
and tape and Bob Mills kept flying Rocket 6 a little faster each race. He had
to because so did Peter Malone and he didn't slowly fade in the last race. They
were together to the very end running hard and neither yielding.

Even though I fixated on 43 and 105, I could not ignore the race going on
between the Tim Cone in his white and pink RV-8 promoting Breast Cancer
awareness and David Casey in his highly polished silver and red "RV-3 that could."
You may recall that there was serious concern on the part of the Race #89 team
about being able to make the 200 mph qualifying speed for the race. In this race
he passed Race #18 and led until the last possible instant without winning. From
our view point in the crew holding pen we could not tell who crossed the finish
line first but Tim came on hard and barely won their private race in the end.

As a race team crew member your perspective is totally different at Reno. I
hadn't been here for a while and when we came here before we tied our Piper
Archer II down at the main airport and watched the big show as interested
spectators in 1985 and 1987. Back then every race and show was watched with
interest but now except for SARL racers Ernie Sutter (1st in Sport Silver), Alan
Crawford (4th in Sport Silver) and Lynn Farnsworth (Sport Gold) the airplanes,
the crowds, etc. were just background. I was honored to work with such a good
and successful team - a once in a lifetime experience that I will not forget.
Thanks Bob, Tommy and Brian you're the best.

Now my rental car is turned in Brian gave me a ride from the Enterprise drop off
at the main Reno Airport back to the hotel and Bob is going to pick me up at the
hotel in the morning and take me to Stead Field where my airplane is hangared.
Hopefully, everything will go well on the flight home tomorrow. I will have a
couple of days to get my grass cut and prepare the plane for its race at Pagosa
Springs next Saturday.


Bob Axsom

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