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Well Bob, I am magnificently washing my flight suit and savoring a magnificent time at the R3 BBQ, as well as a Stead BBQ and a SWA BBQ...all great parties. Lots of great RV folks at the BBQ, and many came by to visit between races heats today in the Sport Class hangar as well. We're all hoping to see more friends tomorrow.

Early go tomorrow, for the Bronze (nice, cool, smooth air...all good!) 4 RVs in that race! We've been having good, clean, fun racing so far, so please wish us luck!!

There have been some fun races throughout the week. The RV-8 (Tim) and RV-3 (Dave) dueled it out one day, and Tim and Steve (RV-S8) had a nice duel today. Pete in the Radial Rocket is right there, and I'll tell ya what...a Radial Rocket casts a big shadow when he's sitting over your shoulder! Sport Silver provided perhaps the best race of the week today, with 2 Lancairs chasing a Glassair for 6 laps to a photo finish. I think it was the Glassair by a spinner...literally!

Hoping to see more of the RV family tomorrow!!

With respect to Mark's aircraft damage, request we respect the investigative process, with no speculation. NTSB has collected EFIS, GPS, photo, and video data, and we'll get some good info, as well as some valuable engineering analyisis, through the process. Truly up to Mark to release and discuss that when appropriate. He handled the situation well, flew professionally, and kept his cool throughout. Job well done. Paul, will pass your offer along to Mark, though he'll likely see it here as well.

Nice reports Bob! Glad you are having fun!

Bob Mills
RV-S6 "Rocket Six" N49VM
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Georgetown, TX
President/Sport 49, Sport Class Air Racing
Trustee, Formation Flying Inc (FFI)

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