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Default Day 6

This was supposed to be an off day for Race 43 but the Gods of Chance smiled on it with a series of events that revealed problems that would have been devastating had they occurred tomorrow during a scheduled Sport Bronze race day.

I changed the oil and filter in the Blue Bird in Bob Mills' normal hangar so I didn't even know there was a problem, well two actually, until well into afternoon. Bob and his Crew Chief Tommy Ishii had replaced the starter solenoid and were working on the replacement of the oil cooler when I showed up for a routine check-in before going to the hotel. I stayed and offered token help until the oil cooler was replaced. It was starting to get dark but they still had to go back out across the "No Prop Turn Line" test run the engine and test for leaks. From Bob Mills' post above I assume it all went well.

All the time during the day the races and the show were going on for the paying fans. I never saw the stands on the front side so I don't know anything about how the show is going on or how it is being reacted to by the public. On Sport Class Bronze race day we we get to spend time in an area affectionately known as the race crew holding pen and get to see a race. This is after we spot the plane (Bob Mills' RV Super 6 AKA Race 43) on the ramp in an assigned order. We go to the pen, the racers start at a specified time and taxi to the assigned runway. After takeoff they form up on a pace plane and make a flying start like the Unlimited Class.

Tomorrow is race day again for the the boys in Bronze and the competition will be tough. I will be keeping my eyes on the Radial Rocket that was pressing Bob hard early in Heat Race 1C. I think Race #43 has a margin on the rest of the entries but the winner of Heat 1C, Race #22 a Glasair II-S and the Radial Rocket will be tough.

I recognized Earnie Butcher from this VAF community among many of Bob Mills friends and other fans that stopped by to see him and his gleaming red airplane. His crew Chief Tommy Ishii Spent many hours waxing it to add to it's general appeal.

Bob Axsom

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