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Sitting in total comfort and enjoying the views. Dark chocolate worked I got smarter. Soon I saw first mountain range. I never took any formal training for mountain flying but I've read a lot about it and had general understanding of those tricky air masses. So, I diverted to this free standing range to check if those articles I read were right.

Strapped myself tight to the seat and flew straight into the gorgeous.

One, two, three..... boom... good kick from the rear bottom... ended couple feet high pitch up and in 45 degree bank. My iPad screen went aerobatic, cursed and crashed

Cool. One more time

Nice. Articles were right there are weird airstreams in those valleys.

Time to go back on track. Brian (hydroguy2) is probably tracking me and wonders why I deviated so strangely. After I crossed last range wall and started to decent I heard on advisory: N666BK are you on frequency? Sure I am. Good work Brian you should switch your dam work for ATC

Here comes Townsend.

Runway repavement was completed yesterday. They probably knew I was coming

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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