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Default Carson City Trip

Trip down from the Portland area was blue skies, head winds, and some pretty good bumps through NorCal and the NV stretch. Once east of the Cascades, the route pretty much follows I395 through high desert valleys and Juniper and Pine forests.
I had arranged my arrival with Dayton Murdoch (buy his tailwheel if you want to pull some weight off the back of your RV), and was very glad to have my airplane tucked safely away in his hangar for a few days.
My arrival day winds where moderate, but the next three days; 35mph steady, gust to 45mph. Made for some challenging Golf. I was glad my airplane was secure. One of the Golf courses, Dayton Valley, future home of Paul and Louise. You can see the airpark from the course. Did they name Datyon Valley after Dayton Murdoch, hmmmm....
Dayton and I where able to catch breakfast and get to know each other chatting up our antique tailwheel experiences and of course RV's. Dayton is a super guy and it was a pleasure to get to know him better. One of the great benefits of being part of the Van's Airforce community, some of the best people you will ever meet.
The airmet for turbulence rang true and produced a very bumpy ride home but strong tailwinds shot my GS to 200kts at times. There is just something cool about going 230mph over the ground.
Three Sisters over the Cascades

Mt. Bachelor Ski Runs

High Desert

Dayton's Beautiful RV-4

Tucked away with Dayton's 4

Weird things in the high desert. This is "hole in the ground". Seriously.

Deteriorating weather as I close in on home, Shocker!

The Gorge near Hood River just over the first hill.

The rest of my pics in the Gorge where blurred from rain on the windscreen and bumps.... suffice to say, made it home under a low cieling safe and sound.
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