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After a nice meal and a lot of discussion, I discovered that European airspace is MUCH different from the US. I am still confused by it. You would think that a controller would pick it up pretty easy, but no dice. I'd have to start from square one to learn that design.

On to the FUN!! Bryan offered me a quick hop in the -7. I couldn't wait. The views would be amazing! Here is a quick video I threw together ending with a beautiful 3-point landing by Bryan in the soggy turf.
RV flight in Ireland
(I suggest you view it in full screen to see the details)

For those who have slower are some stills.

My ATC opinion is NOT an official FAA recognized opinion, so any advice you get from me is ONLY my opinion.

Track my RV7A!!

Bought my flying -7A
Building an -8! (Fuse)
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