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Default Before and After Red Cube Relocation

Here's my data from before, and after relocating the red cube. This data is from the same route flown between Arizona and Wyoming on different days. This sample is from the exact same altitude (12,500 MSL) and power settings (WOT and Mixture LOP at 8.0 gph). Note that during this time, the throttle and mixture were not moved. Based on my data, the red cube fuel flow transducer in my installation should not be mounted so close to the engine per Vans RV-14 plans. I don't know if it's a temperature or vibration problem, but the erratic FF readings were solved by simply moving the red cube to the engine mount location (see my photo in post above). It may not be accurate to generalize this conclusion to include all Vans RV-14s. All I can say is that in my own installation, it solved the problem. As the saying goes, "Your mileage may vary."

BEFORE relocation

AFTER relocation (FF is the blue line)
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