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Default The ever changing fuel flow

Some background -- My RV-7 has a YIO-360-A1B6 with Dual Plasma III ignitions, Garmin G3X Touch system, with the EI FT-60 "Red Cube" fuel flow transducer located in the fuel line between the engine driven pump and the fuel servo inlet, almost the same location as per RV-14 plans (page 49-05).

Over the past 115+ hours, I have never been able to get a stable or accurate fuel burned total from flight to flight. I'm always adjusting the K factor (mostly up) by a few % after each fill up.

For example, I started with 68000 as the magic #, flew for a couple of hours with various power settings, filled up the tanks - Pump at airport said I burned 15 gallons, G3X said I burned 13.5, adjust the magic number. Wash-Rinse-Repeat, Pump says I burned 21 gallons, G3X said I burned 22.6, and so on/so forth.

Here's a picture of my installation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Brian Decker
RV-7 (Flying)

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