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Part 2

The next phase was to plan out the work. This is similar to painting. The better work you do on the front side, the better the part ends up at the end.
I cut the carbon fiber are required to cover the mold. This particular carbon fiber is the left over stuff from my Formula One race plane. Side note: This type of fiber is Bid. But not the standard Bid. It was discovered by Paulo Iscold while building one of his race planes. A boat manufacturer had excess material and they needed to get rid of it. They made Paulo an offer that he could not refuse. The nice thing about it is that the fibers are not interweaved, they are laid on top of each other then stitched. So you can cut it and pick it up as you desired and it does not lose its shape. Paulo passed the gouge to Craig Catto and the fabric is now used on all his props. And now on to an experiment for an air filter ?box?.

Once the carbon fiber and supporting material was cut, I waxed the mold 5 times and polished the wax off.

RV-4 fastback thread and Pics
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The information that I post is just that; information and my own personal experiences. You need to weigh out the pros and cons and make up your own mind/decisions. The pictures posted may not show the final stage or configuration. Build at your own risk. Further more, these are my opinions and not those of Van's Aircraft.

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