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Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
On the old 2006 vintage wings I bought, the print says to cut the tube 65 25/32" The new preview plans I have call out a longer dimension, presumably to deal with the problem I've read about on here where people were finding them to be too short.

The callout on the new preview plans as pretty fuzzy and isn't any better on the electronic version, but I believe it says 66 26/32"

Can somebody verify that from a set of full sized new-ish plans? I get that the idea is to make it about an inch longer than it used to be, but it just seems weird that they would increase it by 1 1/32"
I don't think vans have changed this, I think your blurry copy of the plans actually reads 65 25/32. As you point out 1 1/32 is an odd increase, but it is also way too much to resolve the minor discrepancies that have been reported. Mine were slightly short at the dimension shown on the plans, but I was planning on adding around 1/4 to resolve this. 1 inch could almost make them too long. Another clue is that 26/32nds should resolve to 13/16ths. Don't think Vans would make this kind of error.
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