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Default Rudder Stiffener Rivets - Drill Out?

I finished setting the AN426AD3-3 rivets on that holed the rudder stiffeners to the skin. I did the math and these rivets area almost exactly the correct length for a 1.5 diameter head. About six of my rivets fit in my cleaveland rivet gauge tightly, but are not significantly over driven. The issue is that on one side the rivet may be 0.033in height and on the other side the head height may be 0.045+. The rivet looks acceptable except for on side of a head is a bit short.

Should I drill these rivets out or is it acceptable to have one side below the Mil-R-47196A minimum head height of 0.038in for a -3 rivet? Not sure how much this matters on the stiffeners.
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