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Default RV-10 vs Piper Comanche 260-B

In 1990 I bought a 1968 Comanche 260-B, I flew it 1500 hours before selling it in 2002. Yesterday I saw it for the first time, at the Orillia On.airport, since I sold it.
The airplane still looks great with the paint job I put on it in the late 1990's. I also overhauled the engine and added several new instruments in the panel.

Here is a picture of possibly the two best 4 place single engine GA aircraft available today and I am privileged to having owned and spent in excess of 1000hrs in both.

Here is a picture of what today seems like an archaic instrument panel. I put in a HSI, an Apollo GPS and an all cyl CHT/EGT monitor. At the time I thought it just could get much better. Little did I know....

Today I have what I believe to be one of the best glass cockpit set-ups available in my RV-10. again, could it get much better than this?

The two airplane are similar in many ways but the RV-10 is hard to beat.
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RV-14A under construction.
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