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Originally Posted by rvbuilder2002 View Post
Depends on the standard that you use.......

The .5D / 1.5D rule of thumb is a guidance published in AC43 and other mechanic reference documentation.

The absolute standard (in the eyes of the engineering dept at Van’s anyway) is the Mil spec (available on Van’s web site and referenced in Section 5 of the construction manual)

In the first photos where the -5 rivet was used, it is clear that the rivet was over squeezed (probably in an attempt to meet the 1.5D rule while using a rivet gauge). If the Mil Spec dimensions were used as a reference instead, and the rivet wan’t over squeezed, the -5 probably would have been totally acceptable..
I agree, but why make it harder on the builder to carefully control the amount of setting to precisely meet the Mil-spec standard at it's minimum level?
When the option is to simply use a -6 length rivet to give the builder much more tolerance in his/her riveting.

What is Vans thickness tolerance on the powder coating since 4 layers come into the equation?
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