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Default Harding Icefield Photos Continued

From this position looking South you can see Alalik Bay which is part of the Kenai Fjords National Park. In the summer you can pay to take a boat from Seward that will take you to this Bay for wildlife viewing as well as watching the glacier calve into the Bay. In past years flying, have seen killer whales, and Elephant Seals in these waters. Lots of cool looking seabirds in the this area as well.

Alalik Bay opens into the Gulf of Alaska in the background:

Here is another photo looking back at Alalik Bay and the entrance to Resurrection Bay that ends at Seward, Alaska.

From this photo point I took a photo looking to the North.

Now looking to the South again in the far right of this photo is Alalik Bay, to the left is Resurrection Bay- also a view of Rugged Island.

Heading East still, Resurrection Bay Rugged Island is the small Island mostly dark that has a small patch of snow on the top. It is the first Island along the East Side of Resurrection Bay.

Heading North Now-one last look at Rugged Island.

Before turning North here is a look at the far distance-water body is called Prince William Sound far side of the mountains!

Turning North in this turn-another look at Prince William Sound:

As you can see Real rough day for flying. No bumps, it did get to 8deg F at 14,500 ft so engine performance was great!

Heading North along the West side of Resurrection Bay leading into Seward-this photo shows the State Prison on the East Side at the base of the Mountains on the delta leading into the bay.

Next are a couple of views of Seward Alaska as I head North:

I'll end here for awhile-going in to town for some RV-6 time. Will continue this thread later tonight when I get back. Another day of CAVU!

Just received a warning: to many photos so will add the last photo to start the next post when I get back.

Best regards,
Mike Bauer
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