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My Thoughts

On Saturday, December 2nd, it was a beautiful unusually warm day in Burlington Wisconsin perfect weather for another Eagle?s Nest student to solo. That is exactly what Junior Anthony Medina of Central High School accomplished that day. Anthony is an outstanding student both in the plane and in the classroom. He is always the first person to volunteer to help maintain the aircraft in a cold unheated hanger. Anthony plans peruse a career in aviation. Anthony is truly thankful for the Eagle?s Nest program and allowing students like himself an opportunity to get involved in aviation.

Funny side sorry. (I hope his Mom doesn?t get mad) His Mom thought ?Solo? was that he was in sole control of the aircraft and the flight instructor was still in the airplane. It was not until after he soloed that Anthony explained to his Mom that he was in the aircraft by himself.


Thanks to everyone that support all the Eagle's Nest Programs
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