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Default Welcome to RV

Originally Posted by fcordrey View Post
I've have been looking and reading for some time now. I really got serious about RV's this past summer and went beyond just walking past looking. I was still trying to define my mission and was between the 7 and the 9.

I decided to do the EAA Sport Air sheet metal class that was held in Manassas Va. this past September just to see what it was all about. I really enjoyed it! I then found someone to give me a demo 9A flight in late fall. Very nice airplane but my desire to do light acro just rules it out. So fast forward through the holidays and other life distractions and I find myself in touch with another very generous forum member beginning of this month. We arrange to meet and he gives me a demo 7 flight on 1/15 ....that did it!
I've wanted to fly a 7 for at least 3 years now and that flight confirmed that is what I want.

I came home and talked it over with my WONDERFUL wife who thinks I am crazy but is supportive! So with out waiting any longer I placed my order!

I just got through inventorying the empennage tonight and organizing my rivet/small parts bin . I ordered tools before faxing in my order to Vans and still don't have all the tools in yet! Oh well....a lot of information to look over.

No tools to work with and lots to read over. More to come...And lots of questions I'm sure.
Things you can expect to find at the
1. support for tech
2. camaraderie
3. encouragement
4. fun

Although you've chosen the -7, You are welcome to be my backs eater in RV-4.

Way to go!

dues paid +
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