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Fourth work day at the hangar. Finished cleaning out the old Fuselage and Options harness. The only things left in the forward tunnel are the trim wire cable, the ELT phone cable, and the static tube.

Had to remove the pitch servo so I could work on the wiring on the bench. For some unknown reason 6 years ago I left real short wires on the this servo and the spades need to be changed to a 9 position Molex plug. I think there is enough wire but I could not easily use tools with it in the plane. Ten minutes to get it out probably saves an hour or two messing with it in the plane.

Instrument shelf is nice and clean now and since I was eyeball to eyeball with those engine mount brackets and I went ahead and did the rivet replacement SB. Replace 12 LP4-3 with cherries.

Started prepping the instrument shelf for the new boxes using supplied drill templates.

Yeah, the old center panel is still attached. Next work day I need to pull the engine cables out and take off the center panel. But, for now, it does add stiffness to the instrument shelf while working on cutting the new holes.

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