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Default Stayed home today

Had to stay home from the hangar today because a technician was here most of the day trying to get our new (but inop) fiber optic internet and tv up and running. So I worked in my shop finishing up the new panel pieces. I'm using the 3M D-NOC vinyl carbon fiber overlay.

I know, it's just faux carbon fiber, but I think it looks killer and putting it on is easier than painting anyway. I hope it stays on, if it peels it will be a disaster. I used the primer and did quite a bit of testing. Without the primer it is hard to pull off. With the primer it is really, really hard to pull off.

BTW, those holes for the autopilot knobs are complicated. The knobs kit comes with a template and instructions for making the holes with the panel installed. I don't see how you guys that cut those holes with the panel in the plane got it done. It is a hard job with the panel on the workbench. I read Dave Gamble's blog on that job before starting it and now I am very impressed with his accomplishment.