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While I wait on an autopsy of my plane power alternator I figured I might as well do some more glass work.

I've been trying to play with different variations of re-shaping the lower cowling exit to get rid of the sharper corners. I installed a lower firewall bump/curve a while back in this thread

My current outlet is about 50 sq inches, I'm anticipating more airflow through the new exit and aiming for a 10-15 sq inch reduction on the exit size. I'm visualizing an elliptical exit that has radiused corners glassed into the lower cowling feeding the exit snugged up against the lower firewall bump/radius. Kinda a combo of the kindergarten cardboard sculptures below.

Everything taped/waxed up and ready for some pour foam, my main goal was to get accurate placement of the lower firewall bump.

RV 7 590 hours and counting
21 donation done

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