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Even though the large Al-647 bottle does fit under the seat back with 1/4 inch clearance with the regulator I decided to mount it on the right forward side of the baggage area for easier access.

I wanted to tuck the bottle as far forward as possible for W&B as well as baggage space. This put the mounting hardware right in line with the flap weldment. Good news was the flap weldment had 5/8 inch clearance from the cover plate and a doubler/nutplates/bolt was just over 3/8 inch. The foam chunk and lines mimic the flap weld net movement.

With nutplates and doublers installed.

I used some thin cardboard to make a pattern for the upper mount/covey hole.

Long ago I dented this donor .032 wing skin with a dead blow hammer while dimpling.

I bent some 1/4 inch flanges for strength.

I made a doubler with flanges and lightening holes.

Bottle mounted securely.

RV 7 590 hours and counting
21 donation done

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