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The Dynon SV32 autopilot servo has an awkward electrical termination. The servo is supplied with a stub cable, mine was 10" long, to which the connector comes when you buy the servo harness, rather the servo itself. That's mystifying but largely irrelevant. I decided not to shorten the wires from the servo, which left the connectors hanging out in free space.

I made this support from a scrap piece of flap stiffener and added some lightness to it. It's simple enough, only weighs about 10 grams, and is attached with a pair of LP-4-3 rivets. Those holes all in a row along the bottom of the support? They saved one entire gram, yes, the whole gram. Maybe a little over.

I made them by punching out a row of pilot holes with my Whitney punch, a handy but awkward tool.

The bottom skins of the wings need to be primed. Here's my paint bench, or rather here's the snow atop the paint bench. This is Colorado and it's winter here.

There's a crude work-around that I'll have to use.

In other exciting news, I've drilled and countersunk the holes for the inspection plates in the spar flange, including the nutplates.

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