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Originally Posted by J Hartline View Post

I have the Safe Air kit for the pitot/AOA lines. The extra rib holes for the AOA line in the left wing don't go all the way to the root - the ADAHRS bundle takes up some of the holes. For those who used this kit, what did you do? I was looking at adding holes adjacent to the pitot line holes in the ribs as long as there are no structural issues.

Thanks, James
I bought wings built from another builder who had the standard pitot tube installed. I removed it and used the SafeAir kit as a retrofit. Used the original run and then enlarged the tooling hole to the run the 2 line. I used another builders idea for pitot/static run under the arm. Yes my runs are 2 bays passed the standard location. I'm undecided where to locate it, so made provision for moving it out 1 or 2 bays if I wanted. Note that the previous builder also made wire conduit runs at 3 locations. I filled 2 of them with Vans conduit and left the third unused.

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