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Here it is with Fuel Flow (FF) overlaid. It looks to me like it is flowing 16-17 gallons per hour when the throttle is full (in climb from 200 MSL to 1800 MSL). But fuel flow was reduced drastically once I pulled back throttle at 1800 feet and temps still climbed during that period of reduced fuel flow. Density altitude was approximately 1000 feet.

Being a relatively low time constant speed prop pilot, I flew the first flight without touching the RPM control (full forward) and flew with reduced MP. I'd welcome other ideas about how I should fly my second flight while trying to remain in the 4nm radius class D at manassas (and below 2000 feet), or if I should venture 8 miles outside the SFRA and get out over Warrenton airport with the freedom of higher altitudes and increased gliding distances, which seems like it would free up higher power operations.

And here it is with the MP overlaid. It looks like the EGT brief rise at 0:36-0:37 was due to me pulling back the power briefly to slow for first flap deployment test.

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