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Default CHAPTER 5 ? N260KM transforms into KELLI GIRL

CHAPTER 5 – N260KM transforms into KELLI GIRL

“You don’t rush the roux, and you don’t serve the gumbo ‘till it’s done simmering.” That’s what my Grandma Mayeux always used to say.
So true for aviation, none the least for wrapping an aircraft in vinyl. If I had selected a basic wrap design with a primary color plus a few fancy accents and swooshes, this would be a one week job.

I didn’t pick that sort of design. I picked something much more difficult. KELLI GIRL’s design is one of the most complex that Scott and had ever tackled. So he and his crew didn’t rush the roux. They were meticulous. They matched the blue vinyl to my panel’s cobalt metallic blue perfectly. And I didn't want it fast: I wanted it right.

The design elements were falling into place.

KELLI GIRL began to emerge.

I traveled down once to take a good look at the progress (which I know spoiled Scott’s “big reveal”), but it gave us the opportunity to tweak some features. For instance, I thought the checkerboard around the nose made the look just too busy, so we removed it. NOTE: That’s one really nice thing about working in vinyl. Don’t like it? Remove it. Jason Knoll (Dream Scheme Designs) kept pace with our adjustments with his graphics:

The time came for delivery. Given my busy schedule and the free time Scott had (momentarily), he agreed to fly KELLI GIRL back to Texas. We can’t wait to see her…

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