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Default CHAPTER 2 ? The Nose Art

CHAPTER 2 ? The Nose Art

VictoryGirl.Com is a jewel in today?s aviation and artistic worlds. Nowhere else can you find an artist dedicated to preserving the heritage of aircraft nose art. Jerri Bergen listened carefully to my wishes: I wanted to take that classic Varga Girl image of the beautiful woman in a one-piece flying through the air, arms outstretched, with my bride Kelli?s face, trailing a lacy cape in the breeze behind her.

However, don?t press boundaries beyond PG-13 (not rated R, please). KELLI GIRL will appear in a banner behind her, the phrase being a play on the classic temp agency office help and my wife?s unique name spelling. Per her request, I sent Jerri several dozen photos of Kelli to help her with the facial features.
Jerri?s first draft came close:

However, I really wanted her forward hand to look more graceful. I sent her some hand model photos:

I also wanted her swimsuit to be red:

After some more facial tweaks, and experimenting with the banner:

Kelli and I were happy. (Remember, guys: You?ve GOT to get ?her? approval before making this sort of thing permanent).
Jerri applied the mock-up to the side of photos of N260KM to see the concept:

?and we pulled the trigger.

Jerri ( and Jason (Dream Scheme Designs) sent the final approved image files to Scott at AircraftWraps. He was ready for the airplane. All Kelli and I had to do was get N260KM to Palm Beach?

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