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Here's what I mean by two degrees of freedom:

This simple line drawing shows the access plate and the elbow that's Pro-Sealed to it. Then the red arrow shows the first axis of rotation; the elbow can rotate in its hole. This is one degree of freedom.

The second axis of rotation, the second degree of freedom, is the nut that's threaded on the end of the elbow to secure the pickup tube. I didn't draw the nut.

You can see that a single wrench placed on the blue circle in the right position can twist both the nut in the blue direction and the elbow in the red direction. That's all the anti-rotation fittings, are, just simple 12-sided box wrenches riveted to the plates to prevent these from moving, as Ken said.

This complies with the intent of Van's service bulletin sb06-2-23.pdf. I used a part that Van's sells, but I forgot the part number. It has four of the fittings in one piece and we have to cut the separate pieces apart. The 12-sided cut-out is pre-stamped, ready to slip over the nut.

Hope this isn't too confusing....


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