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I'd saved the wing crate with the idea that it would be useful for a wing cradle. After struggling with various concepts for hanging the wing frames on the wing jig with the leading edge down so that I could hang the ailerons and flaps, I finally realized that it would be much easier to build the cradle now.

Since I felt that it would be best to lower the leading edge below the side of the crate, I cut some wing-clearance openings in the cradle. Then the center portion of the carpet support was a bit wobbly so I added a strut to other end, which was braced better.

A friend helped me move the wings to the cradle. They don't weigh all that much and it wasn't too hard. Good thing there's no fuel in the tanks. We walked the wings out to the driveway, one at a time, rotated them so that the south end became the new north end, and then rolled the loaded cradle back into the shop, where it nests nicely in between the legs of the jig. Rob Leary helped me move these.

After adding a few battens to the wing frame to support the right aileron and putting the aileron side of the hinges on the wing's hinges, I measured the distance from the rear spar to the trailing edge of the aileron. You can imagine my astonishment when it was 13.00 inches, exactly what the plans specify. This was so unexpected that I immediately double-checked my measurement and confirmed it. Got lucky there.

Next was adjusting the spanwise position, set with a measurement at the tip. Then I installed the bottom half of the airfoil cut-out to set the up/down position. This was the piece that helped me position the hinge on the rear spar.

Here's where that cut-out came from. I used this to locate the aileron hinge holes on the wing. Note the hinge locator fitting.

This is a closer look at the hinge locator fitting. The markings for the rear spar were taken directly from the rear spar, so that provided me with a fore-aft relationship, and the horizontal line that runs through the fitting is 3.0 inches below the chord line and parallel to it; this gave me a vertical reference. I had to draw that before cutting the middle out of the jig, of course, because the chord line that I'd drawn on the plywood got cut out.

Haven't tried on the left aileron yet.

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