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Default Smoky is Right On

Smoky was flying his RV4 to Idaho and telling Doug and I about the fun,,,,, way back. I became hooked.
The N Texas RV crowd were already flying to Vans SunSet air strip for Home Comings. So we were used to the Distance….
About the time Van moved to Aurora ,,,, we found the Back country,,, thanks to Rob Smoky Ray. Not as talented as Smoky, But interested, And with much trepidation ,, I took my RV6 into Indian Creek, Johnson Creek, Big Creek, and Moose Creek, Idaho. I thought those places were a little hard on my plane. So.

2004 . I built a North Star Super Cub Kit with 180 Lycoming, 31” Bush Wheels. Very capable,,,,,,. but 90 knots, 15 hours to get to Idaho from My home base Hicks T67. Never thought about a Maul, Smoky,, ? Guess Learning in 172s clouded my thinking?
I new back then I wanted a high wing RV,,, that would go 130 knots! With bigger tires. Enter my Cessna 180J in 2009.

The C180 is capable and is a great back country plane, just wish I could have built it my self. From a kit. I do wish it was a little faster… I call it Paul Revere
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