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Default Clue about seating arrangement?

On the recent Super Aero Live video, Greg Hughes said the wooden "Pigeon" ergonomic mockup is done. However, they still wont reveal the seating arrangement. This makes me think it may have two side-by-side seats, with a large baggage area that may or may not include two more seats (2 + 2). Whether they have two more seats in the back may be contingent upon their flight testing and load carrying capability. Essentially, they could be wavering between a Glastar style 2 seat vs. the Sportsman 2 + 2.

If it was a simple question of 2 in tandem vs. 2 side-by-side v. 4 seat, you would think this should be set in stone sufficiently for them to reveal that aspect of the design.

Who knows. Maybe they enjoy laughing at all the speculative discussion too much to give us more facts.
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