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Default Fuel Tank #8 screw & Nut pales Layout


I have some issues with layout out the nut plates for attaching the fuel tank to the main spar flanges.

a) On sketch 37 the spacing is 2-/2 " typ while on drawing 12, the plan view give the spacing as 1-1/2" but also as 1-3/4 on section C-C on the same drawing. Just to add the confusion on Drawing 9 the spacing is 1/3/4" Which one is correct?

b) The edge distance is given as 5/16" Can any one confirm that this is correct. It only given on Sketch 37 and not anywhere else. I want to be certain before starting to drill holes.

c) Nut plates are used to join the fuel tank to the out board leading skin via W324 jointing strip. The spacing is given as 2-1/2" on sketch 37 but 2" on drawing 9.

d) No position is given as to how close to the nose of the fuel tank to place the last nut plate on the outboard edge? Too close to the tight radius may cause problems when dimpling or cause the screw to jut out.

Any help would be appreciated


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