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I struggled for quite a while to canopy draft seal my (slider) '6. Tried lots of different brush strips, rubber P seals etc etc and really only got slight improvements..

By far and away the most effective method I found of eliminating drafts was to seal the potential air exits rather than the entries. Obviously, not much use if it's water ingress you're concerned about, but if it is indeed cockpit drafts you're trying to eliminate I'd urge you to start by fitting gaiters on the aileron push tubes as they enter the 'fuz and have a good look at the seal of the rear stab & fin onto the 'fuz.

Look at it from the point of view of trying to eliminate any low pressure inside the 'fuz - the "incoming" leaks will mostly just go away.

Changing tack, If you look closely at 44 secs and 59 seconds in this video you can see the brush seals I've fitted to the canopy slider rails and also the 10mm dia neoprene rod seal I've used to seal the canopy shut line. I realize you have a 'tipper, but maybe some ideas here ?.
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