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Well the pre-buy went well, went through the entire plane from front to back with the A&P. Build quality was great and she exceeded my expectations. She runs great, flies smooth and straight, fuel and oil consumption are as expected. Brought her home last week, 2250 miles, 14.3 hours, rain and storms in florida, Georgia and Mississippi. 3 approaches in IMC, 1 down to minimums, 1 high DA take off at gross (7700 ft DA), 1 take off with a tail wind, 2 landings with winds at 18 gusting 27 with a 19kt crosswind component. She tested all my skills in one trip and in doing so proved to be worth every penny spent. RV Grin in all its glory! Thank you everyone that cautioned me along the way and helped me keep my eyes wide open, those PMs were greatly appreciated.

Iíve had a couple local RV guys take a look and they blessed the quality, heading to my A&P next week for his review, and oil change and oil analysis. (Yes I know I can change it myself, but I was a Rotax guy so glad to pay for one for the education)

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