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Originally Posted by Sawtooth View Post
I live in Montana and use my Citabria to access several of the wilderness airstrips here and in Idaho. I’d sure like to have the increased range and speed of the RV-6. What do you think I would need to do to make it capable in the backcountry?
This summer I took my -14 to two dozen strips in Idaho, Montana, and Washington state along with a friend in a -9A. I have 6” wheels he has the standard 5”. Unless your intent is the Super Cub Super STOL airstrips the backcountry is attainable in a standard RV. We did not even remove the wheelpants, with that said mine are installed about two inches higher than most.

My only suggestion would be to understand the runway is seldom an issue; however, the areas off to the side can be. If needed just shut it down and get out the towbar.
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