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Originally Posted by rcarsey View Post
It was nice to see the factory folks at Oshkosh in the flesh after many years of working by email or phone.

I would like some sort of wing locker or pod. As I packed the rv-12 for Oshkosh, I realized that a lot of my baggage area was full of bulky things that didn't weigh much.. sleeping bag, tent, air mattress -- total of that was about 15lbs but took up a lot of space. So perhaps a place on or in the wings that can be used for bulky but light storage.

Sure, Patey-grade hard points to mount a motorbike would be nice, but let's keep it affordable . I echo some of the other things mentioned in other posts too, but this one hasn't been mentioned.
Wing lockers like on a PS-28 Sportcruiser, excellent idea!

Removable Travel Pod on centerline below the fuze (like the "bomb" kitfoxes have) or mounted to the wing itself (or the struts if so equipped). It's all been done before, just gotta make it work on the -15.
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