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Default Feature request

It was nice to see the factory folks at Oshkosh in the flesh after many years of working by email or phone.

I would like some sort of wing locker or pod. As I packed the rv-12 for Oshkosh, I realized that a lot of my baggage area was full of bulky things that didn't weigh much.. sleeping bag, tent, air mattress -- total of that was about 15lbs but took up a lot of space. So perhaps a place on or in the wings that can be used for bulky but light storage. A plane like the NXCub which can be pilot-changed from tri-gear to tail-wheel would be great too -- makes it more versatile if the mission changes a bit.

Sure, Patey-grade hard points to mount a motorbike would be nice, but let's keep it affordable . I echo some of the other things mentioned in other posts too, but this one hasn't been mentioned.
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