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Originally Posted by Reboot View Post
Randy I can take on the websites. I own an it firm that includes hosting and this would cost me practically $0. I also can convert the data to a modern platform. Would love to help. Hope you still have the data

Mike (and all),
Well, I'm back in the RV world after over 9 years. Long story short, I've now joined Dynon and moved to the Seattle area. Since I now work in the avionics space, and no longer have company aircraft to fly, the move has motivated me to do two things: get my instrument rating so fully understand all the avionics functionality, and build another airplane both because I miss it and I need something to fly now.

Mike, let's connect separately and I'll pass the Registry off to you, but I think I'll keep the RV-3 site. Since I'm building again I plan to put up a site for my new RV-12iS project, and teach myself Wordpress in the process. I plan to go back in and get my RV-3 and RV-8 sites running again (lots of broken links) and eventually port them over to Wordpress. If that can't happen for any reason then I'd be happy to pass the RV-3 site over to you as well.

The url for my new -12 site will be and I expect that to be up in another few weeks (fingers crossed). Meanwhile the older sites can be found here...

More as it develops.
Randy Lervold
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