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Originally Posted by mrreddick View Post
So Dan, do you understand copyright laws? The Pilots N Paws logo is a registered trademark and unless you have been given permission by Debbie Boise, you will probably be hearing from her or her assistant, Kate Quinn.

Many years ago when I started flying for them I copied the logo and used it as my avatar here and another local forum. They politely informed me to take it down or their lawyer would be contacting me.

They can be reached at pilotsnpaws at gmail dot com
I have already reached out to PnP with the idea via email, as there is no phone contact.
They elected not to contact me, but since I am not receiving any financial gain, I suspect it would not be an issue.

I guess, they will reach out to me. Where did you find their names as they are not listed on their website, unless I missed it?

Thanks for the heads up.
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