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Default PnP Mission Tally Badges

I thought it might be a good idea to promote PnP with attaching a mission tally badge to the airplane. It would promote discussion as well as identify pilots in the program and their commitment.

I reached out to PnP with the idea, but had received no response. They only have an email address & no phone listed, including the store.

Sooo, I contacted my aviation graphics supplier, Aerographics, with the idea. They loved it & created the PnP logo artwork and supplied me with 1.5" decal stickers at no charge.
I told her that I would offer them at no charge to PnP pilots based on their mission count.

If you would like some to attach to your RV, PM me your mailing address.
I have a limited amount so you all that have 30-40 missions, you might have to place a factor value on them to get your mission count totaled.
Compliments of

Here's an example.

Danny "RoadRunner" Landry
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